Corfu Celebrations

18th March All over Corfu Corfu Clean Monday (Kathara Deftera) celebrated in many villages with kite flying, processions, dancing
Easter time Corfu Easter Watch this list for all the events during Greek Easter on Corfu
28th April Corfu Town Palm Sunday. St. Spyridon procession
1st May All over Corfu Corfu Labour Day, parades and other festivities, also marks the Feast of Flowers, a celebration with very ancient roots in festivals of the Goddess Demeter
3rd May All over Corfu Corfu Good Friday. Day of Epitaphios. Each church brings out it's funeral bier and parades it through the village
4th May Corfu Holy Saturday At 11am the First Resurrection and pot throwing custom take place. Silver gilt case containing the body of St. Spyridon is exposed for public worship for 3 days and nights. Thousands pay homage to kiss his slippered feet. St. Spyridon procession with bands
5th May Corfu Easter Sunday Culminating days of celebration
6th May Makrades Panegyri Festival
8th May Kassiopi Celebrating a blind boy who after staying in the church over night regained his sight
8th May Kanoni Festival of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary
10th May Paleokastritsa Panegyri Festival
12th May Krini Panegyri Festival (Tou Thomas)
9th June Alikes, Petalia, Zigo, Potamo Panegyri Village Festival
12th June Pelekas St. Onofrio's Day
13th June Arillas Ascension festival
13th June Kato Korakiana Panegyri Analipsi Festival
24th June Agios Ioannis (Triklino) Fire jumping 23rd June 2013
24th June Kontokali, Stavro, Aghirades, Kastellani, Antiperni, Othoni Festival of the Holy Spirit
29th June Kombitsi, Stronghili, Vitalades Festival of Saints Peter and Paul
2nd July Garitsa Procession and Festival of Madonna of Vlacherena
6th July Arillas Festival for Smile of the Child
7th July Peroulades Panegyri/Festival Village Festival
8th July Kavos, Lefkimmi, Agios Prokopios Celebration of St. Prokopios
13th July San Rocco Square Festival in honour of St Spyridonas
17th July Benitses, Spartera, Avliotes St. Marina festival
20th July Magoulades Festival of Elia the prophet
25th/26th July Lafki Village Main day 26th
3rd August Arillas Antamoma festival
6th August Pontikonisi, Perivoli, Strinilia, Evropuli, Paleochori, Ag. Deka, Agios Mattheos Church festival held in commemoration of the Transfiguration of Jesus, with days of pilgrimage (1-6th August) on Mount Pantokrator
10th August Benitses Sardine festival
11th August Corfu Town Silver gilt case containing the body of St. Spyridon is exposed for public worship for 3 days and nights. Thousands pay homage to kiss his slippered feet. St. Spyridon procession with bands
15th August All over Corfu Festival of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Many big festivals with church processions, feasts. Every Greek woman named Maria will kiss you and give you sweets
16th August Kato Garouna Gala weekend
Mid August Paleokastritsa Varkarola on a Sunday to be confirmed
23rd August Gastouri, Pelekas, Ag. Deka Festival of the Virgin Odigitrias
September Kavadades Wine Festival with spit roast pork and lamb. Date to be confirmed
7th September Arillas Wine festival, food and dancing
8th September Afra, Sinarades, Marathia, Agios Markos, Lefkimmi Festivals/Feast days
14th September Sidari Feast of the Holy Cross in the Monastery of St. Ionnis
24th September Vatos Myrtidiotissa festival
26th September Karousades, Porta Remounta Festival of St.John/James the theologian
End September Kassiopi Wine festival. Date to be confirmed
28th October Ochi Day Celebrated by processions throughout Corfu
3rd November Corfu Town St. Spyridon procession
12th December Corfu Town St. Spyridon. The procession takes place inside the church and NOT around the town. Then he is placed in front of the altar for three days. You will be lucky to even get a glimpse of the Saint because the whole of Greece comes over for these three days.

Some of these dates for the village festivals are not all set in stone as they can be cancelled at short notice due to adverse weather conditions or if there is a death in the village. Also a date can vary depending of the celebration. Ask the locals for more information about celebrations.
An even more extended list of festivals you can find at the site of Real Corfu

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