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Famous visitors in the past

durrels corfuIn past and present, the rich and famous citizens of the world have always been attracted to Corfu. Nowadays you can encounter Camilla, Roger Moore, Berlusconi, Agnelli and a handful more or less VIP's. The most famous of them all is undoubtedly Gloomy Sissy, who had the Achillion Palace built as her summer country house. The German Emperor Wilhelm II also frequently visited Corfu (also residing in the Achillion Palace - although not at the same time as Sissy). By the way, while you are on Corfu, you must pay a visit to Kaiser’s Throne. It was Wilhem's favourite spot. The sunsets are truly spectacular.
Pay a visit to Bella Vista, not only for the amazing bird’s eye view of Paleokastritsa, but also to see a list of the famous visitors to the area which have been painted on a wall (yes we even have high class graffiti on the island!).
Great thinkers and writers such as Goethe, Wilde, the Durrell brothers Gerald and Lawrence (My Family and Other Animals etc) and their compatriot Henry Miller used idyllic Corfu as inspiration for their works and left us with their great masterpieces to enjoy. Also Edward Lear was inspired to great poems and paintings by the beauty of Corfu.
Similarly, some of the great painters and composers have been inspired by the scenery and culture and created some of their well-known works.

Nowadays VIP's

sakis rouvas corfuCorfu has also in recent years produced well known singers. The older generation - we're not saying: the old generation! - may remember, Vicky Leandros, the Eurovision Contest winner of 1972. Dear Vicky was born in Paleokastritsa, West Corfu.
Rena Vlachopoulou was a very famous Greek actress and singer who was born on Corfu and played in several international movies and theaters. She is honoured with a open air theater in Mon Repos that is named after her.
The younger amongst us are sure to have heard of Sakis Rouvas.

Centuries ago on Corfu

achilles corfuEven mythological heroes and gods such as Odysseus, Achilles and Dionysus could not resist the lure of the island and interrupted their busy schedules to stay at Corfu for varying periods of time. Nowadays, the so-called greats of the earth have a pied-à-terres on Corfu. So do not be surprised if you see the likes of the Rothchilds, Abramovitsch, Berlusconi or Camilla tucking in to a succulent swordfish or a tasty sofrito. Corfu is a popular location for the rich and famous whether staying in their own property or visiting on their yachts, the fact is that they love to spend their spare time at lovely Corfu.

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