Corfu is Relaxed

relaxed corfu

The friendly nature of the people of Corfu, undoubtedly contribute to a sense of ease when you are amongst people from another culture. Especially inland, where time has stood still, you will be amazed of the warm and sincere approach of the inhabitants.
Attempt a few words in Greek and you will be treated like a long lost relation. Certainly in the many of the mountain villages, that make Corfu so special, sometimes the spoiled Westerner is confronted with a feeling of uneasiness when he finds out how easy life can be.

Corfu makes the difference

relax at corfuThis makes that a lot of visitors of Corfu behave different than they do in their own circomstances at home. They are more relaxed, friendly, unhurried and less worried.
Then there is the tranquillity of the surroundings, the houses devoid of all flashy gadgets, the satisfaction of the calm moving residents, makes you see that life in their Corfu is enjoyed to the core. Many lead a simple life (although fairly hard life) but it so much more satisfactory than the hustle and bustle of the rat race way of life found in so many places today.
There is not a better way to appreciate this than by sitting in the village square under the shade of a tree and observing the villagers in their local environment. No doubt that you will think at some point: how lucky these people are! You better believe it; these people have far less worries than you do.

Easy Corfu

relax corfuAll in all these should be enough reasons to see Corfu as a holiday destination to choose if you have never been here before. You will change during your stay at the island. You get peace of mind, learn to enjoy the simple things, get more eye for the realy important things in life.
If you do not believe it, ask the regular Corfu visitor. They do not need to be persuaded to come, returning yearly as if on a pilgrim.
Furthermore Corfu is a Green Island with several residents who have a green mind, especially in the Arillas area North West of Corfu. Why not take a wonderful Nature Walk at Agios Georges? Or get a special treatment for your body and mind at a tranquil setting amidst the rolling green hills on the beautiful west coast of Corfu, in the very scenic Paleokastritsa area. It will do you good and charge the batteries for another busy year.

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