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These hidden gems

Many of the good things in life you will find coincidently. For example: you try to find that nice restaurant in Corfu Town where you had such a great time last year during the holidays on Corfu. And there you go, you get lost in Town. Then your flipflops start to cry and your mouth is dry like a desert of strolling around for hours through the narrow streets and alleys what Corfu Town is famous for. At the end you decided to sit down on another terrace since you need some food and especially a drink. And surprise surprise, there you get the best souvlaki or burger you ever had! That happens every now and again, right?
Yours truly has a very bad sense for direction and discovered many brilliant tavernas, restaurants and bars. So when people ask me for special sights in Town, my advice is: get lost!

Feeling home at Stou Maká

corfu restaurant 02Anyhow, this article is not about getting lost in Town. Hidden in the very heart of Corfu you will find one of these hidden treasures! At the village square of Temploni, to be precize. At the cozy square you will see Stou Maká, a very nice place for delicious food and a great atmosphere. Maybe not as easy to find as all the places in coastal resorts, but defnitely worth the effort to discover it. You will not regret it, believe me.

Fine restaurant in Corfu

corfu restaurant 01Stou Maká is named after the grandfather of the current owner Spyros. The restaurant opened its doors in 2018 and it was a succes from the beginning. People who ate there love the kitchen, the friendly service and the atmosphere.
Spyros and his lovely wife Anna, Annie for friends, try to give their guests a homely feeling, and they succeed. Directly when you enter then place you feel comfortable, like the place is yours.
Spyros and Anna have different ideas about tourists then most of the Greeks. They think that many holiday seekers are attracted to other things than fries and a burger. So they serve the more traditional plates of Corfu. Not only that, it will be prepared on the Casserole!

The Casserole

The Casserole?, i asked, as an absolute cooking nitwit. Yes, sir, some kind of a frying pan or oven dish, and what comes out is divine, you will eat your fingers with it. And I have to say, the plates, fish as well as meat are very tastful from the Casserole.
Depending of the day you have choice of fresh fish or meat. All bought at the market place or at the local butcher shop. So let Spyros or Anna advice you when you visit Stou Maká!
What if you are a vegetarian? No problem at all, Stou Maká has a wide range of vegetarian plates, especially as mezès, the smaller dishes. Like there is: saganaki, feta from the oven, tzatziki, mushrooms, the real Greek salad and much more.
If you prefer the usual things like souvlaki or bifteki, no problem either, you can order it. But please, please try the more traditional dishes like sofrito, pastitsada, anchovis, octopus, bourdeto or a handful other Corfiot dishes, prepared in the Casserole.
You might think that you have to pay a fortune for all the quality just mentioned? No folks, at Stou Maká the prices are more than reasonable!

Experience the real Corfu

corfu restaurant 09Temploni is one of these villages which got nothing to do with tourism. Life takes place in a lower pace than in the touristic resorts of the island and even more than in your own country. So why not experience the atmosphere of this typical Corfiot restaurant named Stou Maká. Watch the local kids playing at the village square, whilst you taste a delcious lunch or diner under the grapevine. Every now and then a tractor will come by, some butterflies might chase each other, the temperature is fantastic and the food is good.
Maybe you will start some small talk with some of the residents who come for a coffee or an ouzo. They will appreciate it and you will enjoy the great hospitality of the Greeks.
So, what else can we say about Stou Maká? Kali órexi (Enjoy your meal)!

Details Stou Maká - Temploni Corfu

Tel.: +30 693 6607 277 or 693 6874 244
Manager: Spyros Kakarougas
Facebook: Click here

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