To Fanari (The Lantarn)

In the old part of Corfu Town, the so called Jewish Quarter, it's like a treasure hunt if you like history. So many ancient buildings you will find in the narrow streets, old shops, small handicraft companies and very old churches. The atmosphere isn't changed during the centuries. There is still a lot of vigour and activity in this beautiful historic part of Corfu. Most of the people are out on the street, trading with each other in or outside there stores, behaving like industrious ants to make a living. The inhabitants have their conversations, meet each other in their neighborhood and have their coffee or their drinks at one the many terraces in town.

Fine restaurant in Corfu Town

When you are on holiday at Corfu, take the opportunity to visit this antique district nearby the old port of Corfu Town. You will not regret it, guaranteed! When you are there, try to find a typical Corfu restaurant called To Fanari (The Lantern) in the narrow streets. It's a typical Corfu restaurant where the inhabitants of Corfu Town like to sit and spend their time, which you may take as a reccommendation.
You will see no luxurious furniture, golden cutlery and a posh manager, nor will you pay a fortune for a small bite. We do what we're good at and that is prepare a good and tasty meal for our guests for a friendly price. No more, no less.

That good ol' Greek kitchen

corfu restaurant 07At The Lantern you can, for example, have a great lunch. Consider this: you went to Corfu Town very early, to have enough time to discover all the ancient beauty of this historic city Kerkyra. It's so beautiful! But with all this strolling around your hunger starts to grow and your legs are getting tired, and then you start looking for The Lantern. You can have a great lunch there. Tasty starters for everybodies taste in abundance, with a delicious beer or wine aside, sitting at a nice terrace in one of the coziest neighborhoods of Corfu. What more do you expect of your holiday at Corfu?
When you're there later on the day, than you are welcome for a copious diner. The Lantern offers an extended menu with a lot of typical Corfu dishes like sofrito, pastitsada and dish of the day. Let them surprise you and ask the host or one of the friendly employees what will be served that day and enjoy a delicious culinary journey.
Of course all dishes are prepared with fresh and authentic products and local ingredients. Look, a restaurant with a menu like a telephone book can't guarantee that every of the 857 dishes, desserts not included, is made with fresh products. At The Lantern you can choose from a simple menu without bells and whistles, but gold honest.

Corfu Hospitality

The host loves to make a chat with the guests about all or nothing. He likes to share his passion for good food, recepies and some secrets concerning the preparation of Orange Pie. He is a ral host and a gentleman.
Often there will be play live music at The Lantern. That increases the atmosphere, I can tell you. It is always a special occasion to watch how the Greeks experience a diner with friends and familiy. It's not only a matter of: you have to eat or you will die. No, a meal you use with many people and it has to be a party. That's why it is common use that people start to dance when there is live music. For us foreigners is it an experience that will lest for a long long time. Find out yourself all the facets of Greek hospitality in this nice Corfiot restaurant

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