Canal d'Amour

Utmost northwest of Corfu, in the very corner, you will find a wonderful and very special natural phenomenon named Canal d'Amour- literally Canal of Love. With a name like that, you may wonder what it is. The fact is that it is a wonderful attraction, a must to visit during your holiday on Corfu.

Unusual scenery on Corfu

Several rock formations form the wonderful environment. They are scattered here and there in the clear blue Ionian Sea, separated by the water. The wonderful shapes of the yellowish 'islands', cut through the water and soar gloriously against the skyline.
It looks like a group of very careful stacked sandbars, which in a way it is. It is fascinating to see how water can erode the landscape given enough time. For sure, they give the surrounding area of Sidari a very personal touch.

Corfu and love

Not only because of its amazing natural beauty, the Canal d'Amour is worthwhile visiting. There are few local legends connected to these rocks. One of them is that every couple who swim in the Canal of Love, will always stay together until the end of their days. Unfortunately, the legend does not mention if they always stay happily together. So if there are always tiffs and wrangles and sometimes you fed up with the strife and thinking of moving on then maybe it is not such a good idea to go for a swim together in the Canal.
There are several variations of this romantic story. Read on and shiver ....
If the Canal is in the shade, it is important to leave your Sudoku or your book, and dive immediately into the water and swim through the canal. You see, because whoever is in the waters of Canal d'Amour at that moment, will always be lucky in love. Now who does not want that? Obviously then, when the canal is in shade you will see hoards of people jumping into the shadowy waters of Canal d'Amour, looking for a little bit of love and affection.
The second version is the most unlikely: Any unmarried girl who swims in the Canal of Love thinking of the man of her dreams, will bump into him the very same holiday, so the legend tells. However, there are persistent rumours that this version was created by the young male population of this charming coastal Corfiot village, who often believe they are Casanova. Nevertheless, not everyone thinks this story is figment of one's imagination; witness the fact by seeing the masses of attractive young ladies jumping into the Canal, all with a look in their eyes varying from sultry to very happy.
Then there is another small legend that does not really matter. If the sun is not shining in the water, you can make a wish. Therefore, at night it should be very crowded there. Well, the Greeks are great storytellers. Of course, you can always make a wish, sun in the water or not. Granting wishes is not guaranteed in this legend.

First class holiday on Corfu

Legends or not, the beaches and cliffs of Canal d'Amour are a lovely place to visit. Apart from the myth that you are assured of your relationship lasting for the rest of your life, the temperature of the water is always very pleasant. On the many beaches which surrounds the several islands of the Canal d'Amour, you can relax and think over your holiday on Corfu. On a strategic spot, in rough weather, it is also a joy to see the high, furious waves crash upon the gracefully shaped sandstone rocks. Even the young Greeks, who dive off the high cliffs, provide a spectacle. Do not let this youthful enthusiasm tempt you to such an adrenaline rush. You would not be the first, to be pushed into an ambulance, due to an ungentle landing on a piece of rock.

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