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Who wants to eat once very special, may well go to Corfu. OK, most restaurants serve typical Greek dishes. Not surprising, of course, you're in Greece, so you do not go to a Chinese restaurant. Some restaurants serve dishes that originated found in Corfu, like pastitsada and Sofrito. There are also restaurants that present a special menu. You pay a bit more than the average taverna, but the garnish and the entourage are more special.
When you're in for more entourage, you should definitely go look at Restaurant Foros. Whereever your journey along all the beaches of Corfu took you, this restaurant wasn't on the list probably. Not surprisingly, the restaurant is nestled in the heart of the beautiful deserted village of Corfu, Palaia Perithia.

Intimate restaurant on Corfu

Who is in Foros, first have to recover from all the impressions gained in the past hours. I mean, the ride through this lovely mountains that features this part of Corfu. Then either the beautiful surroundings of Perithia, or the old town itself. After watching all the beauty in and around Perithia it is a matter of have a little rest under the natural canopy of this particular restaurant in the center - also called Plateia - of Perithia. Enjoy a cup of coffee with some sweets in the first place. Recommendation: try Thomas' famous walnut cake. Known all over Corfu.
You can also have lunch for less. All imaginable dishes like saganaki, Greek salad, baked couchette and too many to mention, doing great to put the tired body back on track. But you can also have a fine diner at Foros. That's some special occasion in this particular location. Surrounded by an incredibly beautiful nature and all these ancient houses, with their own history and you are in the middle of it. You might feel your're in a novell of Charles Dickens, but without winter scenes. But no, you are in the middle of Perithia Corfu. Feeling great under the vines, with a lovely temperature, good company and a cool glass of beer or wine.

Sensible eating on Corfu

corfu restaurant 23Except restaurant owner, Thomas is also an artist. You often see him at the entrance of his restaurant sitting while diligently drawing an image. Thomas draws his own business card! The same goes for the food, Thomas produces itself. Almost all dishes from restaurant Foros come from his own garden. Owner Thomas Siriotis has a small farm where everything grows without the 'help' of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and whatever more cides. Whether it's tomatoes, lettuce, couchette, walnuts, honey, figs or whatever on the table, it's all ecological. The chickens, goats, lambs, rabbits and other small animals the very same: all homegrown. All dishes get the opportunity without all resources but time!

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