Paradisos Restaurant

When you're on holiday in Corfu, and you are discovering the island, then all can be very beautiful. But you still always looking forward to visit a restaurant, to enjoy other great things in life. It can also be fantastic, after enjoying sun / sand / sea, to plop down in a pleasant dining and concentrate on the menu. And with a nice cool glass of wine or a tasty beer next to you, you marvel at the small prizes for the great food.

Fine Corfu restaurant

In the heart of Corfu you can find one of those restaurants. Bar-grill Paradisos (pronounced ParĂ¡disos) is located on the road that runs from Aqualand (Agios Ioannis) to Gouvia. You can always (except Tuesdays) enjoy a nice lunch or a delicious dinner, but also to have a few drinks with friends. If you need to watch a midweek game of football, you can do that along with the football-loving Greeks.
If you are in Agios Ioannis on holiday for bike riding than you can even enjoy a tasty breakfast! That's what you need, if you are planning to climb the hills and mountains of Corfu with the bike that day.

Food delivery service Corfu

If you belong to that happy group of people celebrating holiday in Agios Ioannis or surroundings, it is even possible to have a variety of tasty dishes delivered at your holiday destination. Take a look at their website for the menu, make your choice and grab your phone! Are you staying at Aqualand and want something different then a bell to Paradisos is the solution!

Child-friendly environment

Paradisos restaurant has opened its brand new doors in 2010 and has taken many visitors into account when building the restaurant. The restaurant has a huge parking lot, a safe playground for the little ones, and even a go-kart track for the less smaller children. That makes it possible as adults to enjoy a delicious meal and then relax to discuss everything that makes a holiday in Corfu so beautiful, while the kids are having a good time too.
With a little luck you will pass through live music. That is really nice! The restaurant has a large terrace with seating. Only a few things come close to enjoying an excellent Greek meal. While typical Mediterranean atmosphere is enhanced by the interplay of bouzouki, guitar and vocals. And you cherish the lovely temperature, the environment and the setting sun and you wonder whether you make a dance later maybe.

Details Paradisos Restaurant

Telephone: + 30 26610 58220
Mobile: + 30 6980 636 145

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