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It's a strange phenomonom that the South of Corfu is not visited as much as the Central or the Northern part of the island. The cause? We don't know. It's definitely not the scenery, which is beautiful. At the West as well as the East coast you will find gorgeous beaches, lush plains, Lake Korrison, imposing hills and nice non-touristic villages like Chlomos, Argirades, Perivoli, Agios Matheos, Paramonas and Petriti, to mention a few. Even the surrounding area of Kavos, party animal city of Corfu, is beautiful, if you pass the main street quickly. Though many people have the idea that the South of Corfu is not worth a visit. Wrong!
The advantage of unknown, unloved is that it's not as crowdy as on the other area's of the island. So when you are on Corfu to settle down, we can recommend a day 'doing South Corfu'. Except the previous mentioned pearls of tranquility and beauty, you will find many other treasures of Corfu.

Famous fish restaurant at Corfu

The fish restaurant of Spyros Karidis is widely renowned on Corfu. Since the restaurant opened its doors in 1972 it became famous pretty soon. Not surprising for a family of formerly fishermen. They love fish and know all about the preparation of it. That's exactly what Spyros Karidis did when he started his restaurant, and he tought his love for fish, in every aspect, to his children. He still likes to sit in his own restaurant, meanwhile runned by his son Akis, keeping an eye on everything. Considering the fact that the restaurant is well visited every day, it seems that the quality is still very high.
Hey, consider this: the fish on your plate was having a good time in the Ionisan Sea only a few hours before, unaware what the future will bring. That's exactly what a fish lover expects of a fresh fish dish and at Karidis you will have it that way.

Fresh (fish)dishes

If you want to indulge yourself, or someone else, you are in the right place at Karidis. How about fresh lobster? How fresh? Well, when you enter the restaurant, looking for a table to sit at, the lobster is still crawling around cheerfully across the bottom of his fish tank, together with his friends. That's what we call fresh! If you take your chances to score a real fresh lobster, you can pick one of them yourself. You only have to point it out, the chef will grab it. He is the expert and you will be able to hold your fork and knife with all your fingers.
Is lobster not your favorite dish? Ask Akis or one of his crew what else he's got in stock. With a bit of luck he will take you to the kitchen, show you every fresh fish of that day's catch. It's not just the fish that's fresh, the side dishes like salad, vegetables et cetera are fresh too. In the large yard, right beside the restaurant, the super tasty Corfu tomato's grow and prosper, just like cucumbers, salad, eggplant and everything you will get on your plate. Fresh is truly fresh at Karidis Restaurant.

Allow us to give you a hint: Order the Gavros Marinatos (Marinated anchovy). You will love it!

Beautiful location South Corfu

Like we mentioned before, the South of Corfu is wonderful. The location of this restaurant is wonderful too. When you decide to follow the East coastal road from Messonghi, with fishing villages like Psaras ( = Fisherman), Boukaris, Korakades, Petriti and Notos, halfway you will find Fishrestaurant Karidis. Take off your shoes and some textile and start splashing in the clear water of the Ionian Sea. Dry yourself at te tiny beach directly at the terrace of the restaurant. Then order your favorite drink and start studying the menu of Restaurant Karisdis. Enjoy your meal!

Details Karidis Fish Restaurant - Boukari Corfu

Telephone: +30 - 26610 51205
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